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Blackshirts News · Want To Download Pictures from a Gallery?

We love our online galleries but know that it’s disappointing that you can’t download or print the pictures yet.  We have two pieces of good news:

  • We were told that the next website update will have the capability to download individual photos as you scroll through a gallery.
  • You can download the VNN App from the app store (the app symbol is a red square with blue “V” in it) and search Waukesha South.  Once you select our school, you can follow your favorite teams (as many as you would like) and once you do, you’ll be able to view the posted galleries of those teams when you click on PHOTOS in the app.  From here, you can easily download any of the pictures to your phone/device and use them as you wish.  Would it be easier to do it right on the website? Yes–but this is a great work around until that happens.

Thank you to WS Booster Club volunteers Matt Lewis and Mike Cooley for capturing so many great moments and sharing them with the South Community.  Team parents wishing to learn how to post galleries on behalf of their teams can contact Lynnette at for more information.