Blackshirts News · Photo Galleries 101 – How to View and Save Photos from our Galleries

Here is a little Photo Galleries 101 course to help you with the photos on the website.

We know you love our posted pictures and we want you know a little bit more about this process.  First, the majority (like 90%+ ! ) of the pictures on our page are posted by our Booster Club Photographer, Matt Lewis, who is a volunteer.  Matt has two students at South (both girls) and so clearly, he does not have athletes involved in all of the sports that he photographs. Matt does this in his free time and spends a significant amount of time and effort to edit and load these photos for you to enjoy.  He does his best to try and attend at least one event from every program even though his own students do not participate in them.  Again, he is a volunteer.  This is not a paid position and the pictures he shares are truly a gift to our school. Having said this, the pictures he takes are not copyrighted and you may use them as you wish.  If you PUBLISH them (for example, in a yearbook, student newspaper or marketing piece) we ask that you photo credit Matt Lewis/Waukesha South Booster Club.

Individual sports or clubs that want to have a photographer trained to post pictures onto our galleries can reach out to Lynnette at and she will arrange training and get you set up.  Please note, a coach must initiate this request.

All photos can be found at  This can be easily linked from the main page by just going to our website and clicking on the PHOTOS link.  We also cross post to the individual sports pages.  For example, the Photos link will show ALL galleries, but the Football pictures will also show up on the Football sports pages.  It is the same gallery, they are just tagged to a specific team.

How to Share a Photo

At the bottom of each photo you will see a SHARE button and a TWEET button.  Simply click on that and a link to that photo (and actually the entire gallery along with it) will share to your social media accounts that are signed in on your computer.

How to Share an Entire Gallery

Go to the top of your computer, to where you type in a URL to go to a website.  If you’re on a PC, you can simply copy and past the URL to the gallery and attach that to your social media post or email/text it to family and friends.  If you’re on a MAC, you might need to click on that URL bar to get the actual full URL, but then you can go through the same process of copying and pasting it.  You can also go to the first photo of the gallery, and click the SHARE button on that to share to Facebook.  It will share a link back to our website, and it will bring up the full gallery once the person views the first picture.

How to Download a Photo

Want to download a particular photo in a gallery?  Say you’re flipping through the pictures and you find a picture of your athlete that you’d like to use for his/her Senior Night photo board, or save to your own desktop.  No problem. Again, the pictures are available for your use at no charge.  But how do you do that?

  1. On a PC:  Open the picture (not the thumbnail) and RIGHT CLICK.  Then click the appropriate option* to save your photo to your device.
  2. On a MAC:  Open the picture (not the thumbnail) and RIGHT CLICK WITH TWO FINGERS on the picture and click the appropriate option* to save your photo.

*For those that are technically challenged like I can be sometimes, it usually will look like something like this.  I would suggest using SAVE IMAGE TO DOWNLOADS (it will save to your downloads folder), SAVE IMAGE AS (you can rename the image and save it wherever you want), or ADD IMAGE TO PHOTOS (this is likely MAC specific–but a PC probably has a similar download option.)




A Word About Mobile Devices

iPhone: We can speak to how to save from an iPhone.  Other phones may be similar but you’ll have to check it out—I only have an iPhone. 🙂 

  1. Go to the main page of the gallery you like.  (The page that has all the little thumbnails.)
  2. On whichever thumbnail you want to save, press your finger on it and HOLD it.
  3. It will open in a new window
  4. Click the little box on the bottom with the UP arrow
  5. Save Image.

Here’s a Video.

Please note that is is EASIEST to save pictures via a computer vs a Mobile Device. We have asked our vendor’s development team to put some thought into how to best manage mobile capabilities to be able to save to your phone, etc.  We know that is an important feature that you want. Sometimes this is easy on a certain type of phone, and will work just fine by just saving the picture like you do any other picture. But with other phones, it’s not so easy.  This is part of the problem, and the reason why this feature is not fully developed, there are simply a lot of factors to deal with.

In the meantime, a work around that we have heard of people using is to screen shot the picture on your phone.  While this is not ideal, this is an option if you can’t get to a computer.  You can also email the photo to yourself with some phones.

We hope this helps you enjoy AND SHARE the keepsakes that we have posted onto our site.