Multiple Teams · GTF – Unique Challenges for a Great Team

Hello, Waukesha South Girl’s Athletes, Parents, and followers.  

This week is typically a time of excitement leading into Spring Break. Thursday was a very surreal day for me as it was the first time in 25 years; I have not hosted our traditional “Home Opener” track meet in Mid-March. 

As we finish our first week without Track and Field practices, we have some clarity, but we also have many unknown issues. Here are the facts: 

The WIAA position gives us great hope that we will have our Outdoor Track and Field Season. 


Waukesha South has a great ally with Mr. Sobrisky’s position at the President of the Wisconsin Athletic Directors Association (WADA). Mr. Sobrilisky will fight for our seasons, and we, as coaches, will be ready to coach when we get the green light. 


A lot of athletes and families have reached out to us during this week, asking questions about the season.


Here are our suggestions: 

Focus on transitioning to online learning.  School is still OPEN. I have been teaching primarily online for over 10 years. It requires a transition and students to work independently. It will take some time to get used to what is expected to complete your classes online.  Focus on School. 

Stay Healthy! Your main goal should be to remain healthy and help prevent the spread of illness. The critical issue to ensure schools can open is to avoid the spread of illness, AND then we can have an outdoor season.  BE SMART- MAKE GOOD DECISIONS

Workouts: It is my understanding that event coaches have been sharing workouts directly with athletes. Starting this weekend, (for next week), we will be posting a single Google Doc with suggested event workouts. I highly recommend you workout individually to conform with the social distancing guidelines. We will post the workout Doc on, email athletes, and share via our twitter feed. 


The primary source of information for our team is our web page. 

Twitter Feed: @WSHSGirlsTrack 

Logan and I have been working together on updating the feed and tweeting at least daily (or more).

Alert: We are creating a post a picture of yourself working out a challenge.

WS Blackshirts COVID-19 page.

We understand, this a unique week as our country and families face an unprecedented national health crisis. This situation is causing a lot of uncertainty in my own family, and I understand if you or your family are facing some anxiety and concern about the national health situation. 

I know our season was only 1 week old, but we all here to help each other. If you need to chat, let off some steam, or ask for help in any way. We are all here to help! Email, text, use social media, to contact your coaches and teammates. 

We will stay in touch and next week’s workouts posted this weekend.

Stay in touch! 

Coach Lehmann