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Helen Boudry, ’20


Class of 2020



WHAT IS ONE OF YOUR FAVORITE MEMORIES FROM YOUR HS TEAM?:  Playing in the regional finals junior year. Our team really clicked and it was so fun to play with my teammates in such an intense game! My friends and family came, and the stands were so loud the entire time. Also, I scored in that game, which definitely added to the experience!

WHO INSPIRES YOU?: My parents! They both have so much intrinsic motivation, so they have always been able to do something to their best ability when they put their minds to it. They have always been so supportive of me in all aspects of my life, and have been driving me around to practice and games since I was eight years old. They constantly push me to be a better athlete, student, and person, and for that I am so thankful.

DO YOU HAVE ANY ADVICE TO YOUNGER STUDENTS?: Definitely join a sport. South creates a great atmosphere to try something new! Most of our programs have athletes with abilities ranging from amazing to complete newbies, so don’t be scared to join a sport if you’ve never tried it! Also, be sure to leave your season every year without any regrets. Most people, including me, have heard enough advice to know that you need to put everything you have into your season, but coming from a senior who’s senior season has been changed drastically: you never know which game could be your last, so always do your best and make yourself proud.

WHO WOULD YOU LIKE TO THANK?:  I would like to thank Pete Byrne for always having faith in his team and in each individual player. He continuously pushes us to be better and there has never been a moment when I thought he didn’t believe in us. He’s very honest, demanding, and gives great feedback, and every girl who has gone through South’s soccer program is a better, more determined person in sports and in life because of it.

FUTURE HOPES: I will be attending the University of Wisconsin Madison next fall and I’m really excited to start a new chapter in my academic journey! I’m deciding between pre-med and the business track.

SOMETHING PEOPLE MIGHT NOT KNOW:  I’m actually a two-sport athlete– I nordic (cross country) ski in the winter. I’ve been a part of the Peak Nordic Ski Team for six years, and we practice after school every weekday from November to March, and Travel all around Wisconsin every weekend for ski races. It’s very demanding and skiing is actually pretty hard, but it’s super fun and always the highlight of my winter. This year my team took 3rd at state!


Waukesha South Class of 2020


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