Girls Varsity Soccer · Dave Rusch Senior Character Award – Helen Boudry

Congratulations to Helen Boudry, winner of a 2020 Dave Rusch Senior Character Award

About the Dave Rusch Senior Character Award

This award honors one male and one female senior athlete for extraordinary service in pursuing victory with honor.  Despite the attention that poor behavior and bad sportsmanship attracts, there are plenty of positive role models and high school players who demonstrate positive character in sports.  Please nominate any male or female senior athlete who has demonstrated extraordinary service in the sports community while modeling the basic traits of good character: trustworthiness, respect, responsibility, fairness, caring, and citizenship.


  • Being respectful to opponents and game officials
  • Treating all team players fairly, giving attention to all players regardless of skill level
  • Giving respect and consideration to other team members
  • Helping teammates with words of encouragement and inspiration
  • Playing true to the spirit and rules of the game, and promoting friendly competition
  • Exhibiting courage in defeat, and moderation in victory
  • Showing a willingness to sacrifice personal goals for those the team
  • Giving back to the team or program by helping when able
  • No athletic code violations
  • Senior athlete who has played at least one sport their senior year