I want to make sure that all interested athletes are aware that Boy’s Volleyball season had the season start date amended to 9/7/2020. This is Labor Day and we are working to create the teams practice and game schedule based on the revised start date.

We will be updating the team webpage as we get through this week.
Important to note- this week our conference will be making a decision about the potential of moving the boys program to the Spring of 2021. Many schools outside of our conference have already declared to be in the Spring and our conference is looking at that option as well. Now- before excitement sets in… Wisconsin is 1 of 2 States that has Boys Volleyball in the Fall. The remaining States in the Country offer the sport in the Spring. There are a number of pro’s and a few con’s to a Spring season- at this point in time the South Blackshirts Volleyball Boys coaching staff is ready to launch on September 7th; but we also see that a Spring 2021 season could offer more ability for multi-school tournament competition and make allowances to compete outside of our conference schedule.

Thanks for your patience as the season start dates and time get worked out. I assure you we are anxious to launch our season and are ready to get going
Go Blackshirts!
Joe Banske