Academic Decathlon

Welcome to the Academic Decathlon page!

What is Academic Decathlon?

Academic Decathlon is a student-centered, powerhouse academic competition that motivates students to stay empowered and to own their learning. The competition focuses on a set group of subject areas keeping participating decathletes well attuned to rigorous assessments and preparing them for competing in a group environment.

Unlike other programs that cater strictly to honors or gifted students, Academic Decathlon believes
that all students who apply themselves are capable of excelling. Students are motivated to go beyond
their comfort zones and excel academically, both as individuals and as team members.

Academic Decathlon is open to all students and all GPA levels.

The competition focuses on seven subjects: art, economics, literature, math, music, science and social science. Each year there is a new curricular theme which all of the subject areas reflect. This years theme is The Cold War.

What are the benefits of joining the Academic Decathlon team?

  1. You will master study habits and learn a great deal. 
  2. You will be prepared for test taking and college entrance activities.
  3. It strengthens teamwork and empathy.
  4. Scholarships. Over 300 universities and colleges award scholarships based on Academic Decathlon participation and competition.



How can do I join?

Contact Mr. Hart

Office/Classroom – Room 220



When do we meet?

Practice is Monday and Wednesday at 3:15 via webex.


How do I access the curriculum?

Google Classroom

Access Code:   4f6cch2