Athlete Code of Conduct & Recorded Meeting

ALL South Athletes must abide by the Athletic Code of Conduct put forth by the School District of Waukesha. You may review the full guidelines by clicking here:  INTERSCHOLASTIC ATHLETICS AND DISTRICT ACTIVITIES

ALL Athletes and a Parent/Guardian must review and sign an agreement to abide by this code of conduct BEFORE participating in any athletics at South High School. Athletes must attend this meeting ONCE during their athletic career at South (prior to the start of the first sport season they participate in) and parents/guardians must review the information ONCE during their students athletic career at South (prior to the start of their athlete’s first sport season.)

An in person meeting was held for August 1, 2019  in the HS Auditorium for all new athletes & a parent/guardian. (ALL GRADES, any NEW athletes!)  Students/Families that missed this meeting should not panic. New athletes and new parents/guardians will review the information right on line and complete an acknowledgement.

View the 2019/20 Slideshow

2019-20 Video

Once you watch the NEW video, PARENTS/GUARDIANS MUST complete the online acknowledgement.  The link to the acknowledgment is HERE.   

Athletes are not eligible to practice or play until this step is completed.  

If you are unable to view this online, please contact the Athletic Office at 262 970-3719 to make arrangements to view it at school, as this is a requirement to play.