Booster Club Scholarship Info and Application

In 2021, our Booster Club will again award Seniors an opportunity to apply for one of the available $500 scholarships to be used toward their post-secondary education. (Please note: you will need to provide an acceptance letter as part of the application process.)

Booster Club Scholarships applications are now available for download (if you prefer to fill it out manually!) OR google form (if you want to apply online!) The application and google form link will be provided at a later date.

Instructions and requirements for applying can be found on the scholarship application.

Please note: Scholarship checks will only be disbursed to an accredited institution or program. It will be the students responsibility to provide disbursement information after being awarded any scholarship dollars. 

Deadline for submission of applications will be TBA.  Please submit completed applications (INCLUDING YOUR RECOMMENDATIONS AND ALL ATTACHMENTS) via submitted google form or scanned document via email to the Waukesha South Booster Club President at

Scholarships will be announced and awarded during the  Senior Scholarship Night

Winners must have parents that are ACTIVE members of the WSBC. (They were paid members by January, 2021 and have worked shifts/volunteered to support the WSBC) The application outlines the process and requirements, and all applications must be completed and turned in on or before the due date. Again, letters of recommendation MUST be included with the scanned application and checklist. Please submit ALL information in one email.

This year’s application deadline is TBA

*The number of available scholarships is subject to change without notice.


Late or incomplete applications will NOT be accepted and/or considered.