Booster Club Scholarship Info and Application

South Seniors!!

Booster Club Scholarships are now available for download from our link below or copies can be picked up from Amanda Schlimgen in the school office.  Note last year we changed to an essay format and applications will be scored on content provided not quantity of items documented.  Last year the Booster Club was able to add two new scholarships to the existing four that were being offered, and we will be continuing with that this year.  The two new scholarships will specifically be for students who are pursuing a career in the trades, will be starting an apprenticeship, and/or attending a Technical College.  All six scholarships being provided will be in the amount of $500.00/ea.  Instructions and requirements for applying can be found on the scholarship application.

Applicants MUST be a Booster Club member/child of Booster Member. Previously, the Booster Club required membership to be purchased by December in order to be eligible for applying.  We have extended this deadline due to a significant number of requests.  You can purchase a Booster Membership for as little as $10.  Memberships are still available for purchase via ourwebsite under the Membership tab.  The fee can be paid online, or checks can be submitted to the Waukesha South Booster Club along with a completed membership form and dropped off at our mailbox in the Athletic Office at school.  Deadline for Membership fees will be April 2nd, 2021.

Deadline for submission of the Scholarship applications will be April 26th,2021.  Please submit completed applications to the Booster Club mailbox in the Athletic Office in a sealed envelope.

Scholarships will be announced and awarded during the Senior Scholarship Night.

Scholarship Application

*The number of available scholarships is subject to change without notice.

Late or incomplete applications will NOT be accepted and/or considered.