Concessions and Volunteer Sign Up

We rely on our teams and families to staff our concession stands. Each team member or family representative is REQUIRED to work at least one shift. In turn, teams earn money from the Booster Club to support their sport or activity. Currently, the Booster Club allocates $10/person/shift to help teams earn additional money.

Our SCHEDULER handles all of the volunteer scheduling and designates the teams responsible for each event. The SCHEDULER can be reached by email at The 2020-21 Scheduler is Kim Trendel.

Our CONCESSIONS MANAGER & CONCESSIONS DIRECTOR coordinate all of the behind the scenes duties required to run our Concessions Program. The CONCESSIONS MANAGER can be reached at The 2020-21 Concessions Manager is Lyndsey Meenk & Concessions Director is LeeAnn Kellner.


Volunteer sign up/scheduling is OPEN!  The number of shifts is limited and due to spectator limits, volunteers do need to leave when their shift is over.

Please use the link to our online volunteer sign up HERE.


  1. Signs up are being built as we “go live” to accommodate start of season programs and activities.  More are being added daily.  Please watch for information from your coaches and team activity reps regarding where your individual teams may be assigned.
  2. If a timeslot/activity is marked OPEN, it means the assigned sport/club did not fill their obligation and therefore dollars ($10 per shift per worker) are available to other sports/clubs that want to earn the money.
  3. Dollars are paid into a pass through account in the athletic office and coaches/advisors should contact AD Todd Sobilisky to request a disbursement of their funds.  Please note that the funds request must be approved through the office and meet guidelines agreed upon between the Booster Club and AD.
  4. Issues or questions regarding funding should be directed to the Booster Club President at