Global Travel Club

Welcome Global Travelers!

Who We Are

Global Travel Club is a club that brings students together to explore the world around them through Group Travel opportunities.

Mission of Club/Activity

As our schools move in the direction of global education and language development, connecting our students to experiential learning is an integral piece in helping them understand a world outside of their own.  Students are exposed to these experiences and also tie in history, language, culture and intrinsic motivation.

Who Should Join?

All are welcome.  Interested students should watch for meeting announcements or contact any of the advisors to learn more.

When Do We Meet?

Typically, the Global Travel Club will meet every other Monday after school, starting in late September.  However, as the group forms, alternate meeting times may be added based on student availability.  It is best to contact the Advisor to learn more about meetings.

Who to Contact

Advisor: Melanie Foreman ( or go see her in the Guidance Office!

Co-Advisors:  Students/Families can also talk with Mr. Rich Mertes (, Sra Maria Meyers ( or Mrs Gina Nordrum ( to learn more about the Global Travel Club


GTC Students in Barcelona, Spain (Summer 2017)