Junior Athletic Builders South – JABS

Junior Athletic Builders: South


Better late than never…. come join us and feel better about yourself!

80% attendance will earn you this season’s dri-fit t-shirt!!!


Waukesha South High School will be opening its doors to all 6th, 7th, and 8th-grade students who are interested in gaining strength, speed, and agility to aid them with their athletic pursuits.  Through the use of plyometrics, free weights, and agility drills, athletes will gain the knowledge and techniques needed to make them better athletes.  This program is non-sport, nor gender-specific so all youth athletes are welcome to join.

Registration is not required and the cost for the sessions is…………… FREE OF CHARGE !!!!!!!  


All attending athletes will be asked to bring and wear the following:

-Athletic training shoes (and socks)

-Athletic shorts/pants 

-T-shirt (no cut-offs or tank tops)

-A water jug or bottle

-A healthy snack for after activity nutrition

  • Who: All students that will be attending South High School
  • What: Becoming an all-around athlete … bigger, faster, stronger, better!
  • Where:  South High School Weight Room and Fieldhouse
  • When: Every Tuesday and Thursday night (5:30-7:00 PM)
      • Beginning Tuesday, January 14th, 2020 and ending March 19th, 2020.
  • Why:  To help prevent injuries, to gain strength, gain speed, and to become a better athlete so that you can reach all the goals you set for yourself in the future!

It is recommended that an athlete attends two training sessions a week with JABS. We strongly encourage athletes to participate in other programs if they are interested.  Now is the perfect time to begin building physical/mental toughness, discipline, and hard work. The main goal of JABS is developing stronger all-around athletes for today, next season, and years to come. 


If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Coach David Wolter my information is listed below:

David Wolter

Strength & Conditioning South HS / JABS Coordinator/Varsity Football Coach

Waukesha South High School 401 E Roberta Ave



Thank you for your time and I look forward to seeing you at South HS for years to come!

Coach Wolter