Peers 4 Peers


Peers 4 Peers is designed to delay the initiation of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use through education, the development of youth leadership skills, enhancement of resiliency, and encouragement to fulfill their potential. Trained Peer Helpers, who commit to being alcohol tobacco and drug-free, grow in connectedness with their families, classmates, schools, and communities, while role modeling healthy lifestyles for their classmates

Goals and Objectives

  1. Peer Helpers will live healthy lifestyles, free of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use.

  2. Peer Helpers will grow in connectedness with their families, schools, and communities.

  3. Increase parental engagement and adult supervision of youth participating in Peers 4 Peers.

  4. Through mentorship, Peer Helpers will increase school attendance, achievement, and reduce high-risk behaviors, both for themselves and classmates.

The 4 Roles of Peers

  1. Peer Leader-Youth receive leadership training throughout their involvement in Peers 4 Peers

  2. Peer Educator-Peer Helpers provide education about alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use, along with other high risk behaviors to their peers through a variety of techniques.

  3. Peer Supporter-Peer Helpers are given information on the constructs of social support and how to apply this evidence-based practice to their encounters with their classmates.

  4. Peer Mentor-Peer mentoring encourages supportive relationships between Peer Helpers and their younger classmates


Maricela DeLeon Laura Reichert