Procedure for Adding a New Sport


Procedure for Adding a New Sport

Students, teachers, staff, or parents may initiate the process for establishing a new sport or expanding an existing sport.  The following procedure will apply:

  •         All requests to establish a new sport or expand an existing sport will initially be presented to the Athletics Director at the appropriate high school.
  •         The Athletic Director will take the request to the school Principal for comment and consideration.
  •         If the Principal approves the request for further consideration, the Principal, or designee, will forward the request to the Superintendent.
  •         The Superintendent, Principal, and Athletic Director will then gather information about the request for consideration as part of the approval process.  The following elements are examined when considering the approval of a new sport or the expansion of an existing sport:
  1.      Liability and safety
  2.      Compatibility with SDW policies and regulations
  3.      Compliance with Title IX and other applicable state and federal laws
  4.      Availability of practice and game facilities and space
  5.      Availability of local, same-level competition
  6.      Time and duration of season
  7.      Appropriateness for student group
  8.      Demonstrated need/interest in the new activity
  9.      Ability to attract new athletic participants
  10.  Timeliness of the request in relation to the WSD budget cycle and expense to District and participants
  11.  Availability of staff, including quality coaches and trainers
  12.  Availability of adequate administrative supervision
  13.  Sustainability over time
  14.  Availability of transportation

The Superintendent, Principal and Athletic Director will make the final decision on whether the request is approved or denied.


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