Requirements for Team Captain Eligibility

Leadership on sports teams is vital to their success, but where does that leadership come from? The coach? The players? Parents? Administration? Well the answer is that all of those things combined is necessary for success.

Although the coach may be responsible for running the team, the most important role is your captains. Captains are on the front line and are responsible for making sure that every one of his/her teammates is staying focused on our team’s goals and is the rock that the team is able to lean on when they need her! Captains also learn many life skills that will help them in the future: leadership, confidence, communication skills, self-control.

If this sounds like you, then make sure you are taking the steps you need to in order to become one of the few selected leaders at Waukesha South. This is a requirement for any athlete that would like to be considered for the captain role.

WSHS Captains Eligibility

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