Senior Spotlight – Fall

Congrats to this year’s Seniors! We couldn’t be more proud of these student athletes and the dedication and leadership they show on and off the field.  All Senior Spotlights will be linked via this page.  Click on the student you would like to see and help us celebrate their special accomplishments.  #Classof2018 #BlackshirtPride

Published Profiles: 

Mikayla Anderson

Amber Smith 

Ryan Weninger 

Grayson Cooley 

Jared Morris 

Dawson Sayles

Noah Prudlo 

Cassandra Hernandez 

Brett Hunsanger 

Klaire DeQuardo 

Maggie Lombardi 

Hunter White 

Grace Dargiewicz 

Christopher Kahler 

Sadie O’Connor 

Sabrina Andringa 

Alli Geiger 

Carlos Montes

Jose Benitez

Javier Cardenas

Aldo Santos

MacKensie Schmitt

Jacob Pfaffle

Beth Allen

Mili Navarrete

Gerardo Diaz

Patrick Kennedy

Shelby Johnson 

Amy Birner 

Alex Armstrong

Ryan Rateike

Ben Armstrong



Seniors will be given the link to complete their profile by their coach during each season.  Students are responsible for completing their profiles. Spotlights will be published in the order they are received and students who are unable to obtain the link should contact and the link will be sent to them.  Coaches will not be managing this process.  Senior Spotlights are OPTIONAL and completely up to the student.  Photos are requested but not required.  Profiles will be shared on Social Media via the Waukesha South Booster Club AND the school’s Twitter account.  Students not wishing their information be publicly shared should not submit a profile, or should use discretion in how they would like their information shared (for example, only using their first name, etc,) Content may be edited if necessary and content unable to be published will be sent back to the student for revisions.  Thank you for helping us make this a fun process to honor our seniors.