Special Physical Extension Card for 20/21

Special 20/21 Physical Extension Card

What is this? 

The Physical Extension form is simply an extension of the alternate card that athletes turned in the fall of 2019 if the family is having difficulty getting an appointment for a new physical.

The sole purpose of this form is to allow an extension of a student’s physical during the Coronavirus pandemic only if/when the student’s local primary care physician is unable to provide a NEW physical for the student that already has an existing physical on file with the school.

This form is to be completed by the parent of the student-athlete.  While the student’s physical time period with the alternate card will be extended, it is expected that the student does get a physical by their primary care physician as soon as possible. Under no circumstances will this extension be valid beyond the 2020-21 school year.

To participate on a school-sponsored interscholastic athletic team or squad, a student 1) whose physical examination was completed, 2) whose physical is on file with the school, and 3) whose local primary care physician is unable to provide a new physical, must submit this form to the school. This health history update questionnaire must be completed and signed by the student’s parent or guardian for review by the school athletic director and/or school nurse.

Any student who does not have an existing physical on file with the school will require a physical with their primary care physician before participating in practice and competition. (ie: freshman who did not have a middle school physical or senior who did not have a physical since freshman year).  This form is not to be used for those students.

If the parent answers yes to any question on the form, the student-athlete must get a sport physical conducted by their primary care physician.

Anyone who does not have a physical on file will be required to get one before practicing or competing.

Physicals technically are good for two years if you include the alternate year card.  This will extend the alternate year card until a physical can be provided by the primary care physician.

If the student-athlete needed a physical for this year because last year they had an alternate card covering (2019-20) and cannot get an appointment before the school year begins due to the Coronavirus, they can receive an extension until they get the next physical within this school year.  This is only an extension for athletes who had an alternate year card last year.

If they had a physical last school year (2019-20) and use an alternate year card in the upcoming school year, (2020-21) they don’t need an extension.

Again, the link to the form is here: https://www.wiaawi.org/Portals/0/PDF/Health/WIAA-Physical-Extension.pdf