Strength & Conditioning Program

Strength & Conditioning Coach Contacts

David and Megan

Summer Strength & Conditioning Information

Summer strength & conditioning is an important part of developing great programs. We try our best with time slots and grouping similar athletes together to make it more comfortable for all. We will do our best to try and accommodate possible practice times or camps held over the summer as we are able.

Our coaches would LOVE to see over 400 athletes consistently attending the weight room this summer! 

Our  expectation is that athletes will attend 4 days a week over the summer with a day for make ups if need be. The athletes need to commit to a 2 hour time slot each day… 60 minutes for weight room and about 45 minutes of speed, agility and conditioning.

*** All athletes will always start in the weightroom first then do stretching, speed, agility and conditioning after ***

The expected days will be MONDAYS, TUESDAYS, THURSDAYS, FRIDAYS with Wednesdays available for make ups if an athlete misses a day.


SUMMER 2019 Schedule 

7:00am – Incoming 7th, 8th grade

8:00am – Football, Boys Basketball, Wrestling, Hockey, Gymnastics, Boys Volleyball

9:00am – Boys Soccer, Boys Cross Country, Boys Track, Boys Baseball, Boys Golf, Boys Tennis

10:00am – Girls Basketball, Girls Soccer, Girls Volleyball, Cheer/Dance

11:00am – Girls Softball, Girls Track, Girls Cross Country, Girls Tennis, Girls Golf

12:00pm – Incoming 9th graders

1:00pm – Open slot for ALL athletes

Swim/Dive in the afternoon, working around the pool schedule (contact your coach if you have questions)

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the summer schedule please feel free to contact David or Megan by email or speak to them in person.