Student Council

Meet our Exec Board!


Delanie Johnson : Public Relations


Hello! My name is Delanie Johnson, I’m a senior at Waukesha South and I’m currently the Head of Public Relations for student council. I’ve been in student council since middle school, and I’ve always loved every minute of it. Student council is a nice way to get involved and meet some great people. Outside of student council, I have played tennis my whole high school career, as well as took part in drawing and painting. I helped co-found South’s online newspaper ‘The Blackshirt’, and I tutor in the math lab. It’s been great being apart of the Waukesha South community and I’ve enjoyed it all. Coming into Fall 2019, I will be attending the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse, hopefully studying microbiology.



Santana Vannarath : President

Hey there! I’m Santana Vannarath, a Senior at South and the President of Student Council. I’ve been involved with Student Council since elementary school and it has been my favorite way of making my voice heard at school and making a difference in my community. I do many more things in addition to Student Council: I’m currently the captain of the Debate Team, I’m involved with the Drama Program, where I look forward to choreographing and performing in the Spring musical, in addition to managing Publicity, and I recently co-founded ACT Connect, which provides free ACT tutoring to South students. I’ve had an amazing time here at South, which can only be attributed to our supportive and diverse community. Currently, I plan on studying Economics at a four year university this Fall.


Jude Cramer: Vice President

Hi! I’m Jude Cramer, a senior at Waukesha South and Vice President of the Executive Board. I love to serve my community through Student Council, and have done so since middle school. Outside of the council, I’m very involved with Drama, Forensics, Choir, FBLA, and the tutoring programs here at South. Next year, I plan to study Journalism at a four-year university.






Risha Cherukuri : Co – Chair of Vice President

Hi! I’m Risha Cherukuri, a senior at Waukesha South and the Co-Chair of the Vice President of the Executive Board as well as the Senior Class Secretary. I love to be a part of my community through Student Council, and I have been part of it since middle school. In addition to Student Council, I’m a part of Mock Trial, the Vice President of History Club, as well as the school’s video announcements, “The Blackshirt Briefing”. Next year, I plan to study Political Science at a four-year university.



Molly Posta : Co – Chair of Secretary



Hi! I’m Molly Posta, a senior here at South. I’m the co-chair for the Secretary as well as the Senior Class Vice President. I got involved with Student Council in middle school and I love having the opportunity to interact with students and the community. Aside from Student Council, I’m also a part of the Mentor Program and HOSA. I’ve played volleyball at South for the past 4 years and I’m one of the captains for the Varsity Soccer team.

After graduation, I plan to pursue a degree in Biology.






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