Student Council

 ALL student council meetings will be held virtual until further notice.


Congrats to the 2020-2021 Student Council Members:

Executive Board:
President – Solei Welte
Vice President – Crystal Tilley
Secretary – Maggie Mueller
Treasurer – Roman Olvera
Public Relations – Najwa Atasi

2020-2021 Exec Board Bio’s:
Hello!! I am Solei Welte, a senior at Waukesha South and the current president of the executive board for student council. I have been in student council since elementary school! I am ecstatic to be involved in such a welcoming community, and I plan to continue to improve connections and relationships throughout the school. I’m looking forward to fundraising and adventuring through the craziness this school year may bring. Outside of high school, I am dual enrolled at Carroll University, a member of the varsity volleyball team, an athlete at Revolution Volleyball Academy, a member of French club, and a manager at my job, John’s Drive-In! After high school, I plan to attend a 4-year university to become either a clinical or counseling psychologist.

Hi there! My name’s Margaret Mueller, and I’m a senior at Waukesha South and the student council executive board secretary. This is my fourth year on student council, and for the past two years I’ve been the secretary of my class. Additionally, I’ve been the secretary for french club and the drama program, and this year I am the president of drama club. I am excited to use this experience I have to bring new ideas to student council and work alongside my wonderful peers. When i’m not spending time on school activities, you can find me managing at culvers. I am so excited to make this a phenomenal (and certainly memorable) school year. After high school, I plan to attend a 4-year university and major in political science and then continue my education in law school. 

Hello! My name is Najwa Atasi, but I go by Naj! 🙂 I am a junior at Waukesha South and the Public Relations Director on the student council’s executive board! This is my second year in student council. My sophomore and junior year I am a mentor for the freshman and I have been in the volleyball program at south since I was a freshman; but have played since 7th grade! I previously lived in Wauwatosa and was in that school district until 8th grade when I moved here, and I loved the change & I hope to make South as fun for you as it is for me .I love bringing new ideas to the table and making school and the activities surrounding it 10x more fun and enjoyable! Outside of school you can find me playing volleyball with my volley friends (club & school!), eating dino nuggies, hanging out with my best friends, anddddd sleeping of course. I am very very excited to make this year mega fun and hopefully make the student body excited for the future years to come! After high school, I plan to attend a 4-year university and further my education to either follow my stepmom’s footsteps in becoming a lawyer, or going into my dad’s work of being a doctor but with a little twist to it = a plastic surgeon!

Senior Members:
President – Dahiana Diaz
Vice President – Ashley Zlotocha
Secretary – Myriam Jaramillo
Treasurer – Yaira Lazaro
Sam Macias
Kylie Strackbein
Elena Cabigas
Zaida Valadez
Mario Partida
Lillia Schuelke
Maddie Harding

Junior Members:
President – Braeden Simonis
Vice President – Harsha Gaddipati
Secretary – Owen Antholine
Treasurer – Sid Ganesh
Ziggy Fuller- Engelmajer
Jared Kellner
Ella Pittman
Madonna Tawabuddin
Jonalee Feller
Jordan Staudt
Maggie Ross
Joelle Harrington

Sophomore Members:
President – Ivy Broder
Vice President – Lipika Veluri
Secretary – Gabriela Mauricio
Treasurer – Isabel Epistelomogi
Emily Anderson
Olivia Lauterbach
Rachel Libman
Riya Cherukuri

*Interested Freshman, we will be getting you more information on how to join by October.*


If you have immediate questions, please contact:

Mrs. Nordrum at


Ms. Dood at